Tuesday, October 1, 2013

back story

This is my third attempt at blogging or should I say, sharing my feelings in writing form on a very public forum. Though in my case the "public" tends to be a select group of friends and family members since I've never made it "big" in the blogging world.

My first attempt was a very personal blog, an internet diary, which documented my on again off again relationship with my now deceased ex-boyfriend. (That's a long story).

My second attempt was a fashion/personal blog. Not as personal and contained a great deal of photographs of my daily outfits. I learned that due to the lack of income my fashion was rather lackluster and due to lack of confidence in said outfits that blog no longer exists. (I know you're all truly disappointed).

This blog, I've decided, will contain it all. Personal as well as anything else I see fit. If I have a cute outfit that I feel just needs to be made public, you'll see it. If my hair happens to look good that day you might have to glace upon a picture of that as well. But mostly, this will be random thoughts, feelings and occasional attempts at Pinterest creations. (Which I hope will amuse).

I guess this is a good time to give a little information about myself. I'm a 24 year old living in NYC attempting to figure out exactly what it is I want to do with my life. My life is very much like the HBO series Girls, though with much less sex, much less drugs, much less parties, basically much less of everything that makes that show a hit. I'm simply a young girl living in this great big city with no idea of where my life will take me.

I graduated from a great college with a degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education (which means I'm a teacher for the ages of birth (I shit you not) to 6th grade). Unfortunately, I worked in the school district and quickly learned that it wasn't the environment for me. I've always had a passion for writing, though I tend to start a great deal of novels and just lose interest in the topic.

Right now I have a wonderful boyfriend, who should have run away screaming when he had the chance (more on that soon), a brand new puppy who is wonderful though somewhat destructive, a beautiful inexpensive apartment (I have connections) and my life is pretty great. Fingers crossed it stays like this.

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